Opened in 2010, Cardamom is a casual fine dining restaurant , offering Indian cuisine and warm hospitality in the heart of Stockholm city.

Appetizers    PDF Menu to Print

Papadam 2st30:-

Spicy Chips.

Pakura 2st.30:-

Deep fried veg. coated with paprika masala

SAMOSA 1st30:-

Veg. pirogue. 

Onion Bhaz49:-

Sliced and spicy deep fried onion with mixed herbs 

Kyckling Pakura49:-

Dal Soppa50:-

Tandoori grill sizlar    PDF Menu to Print

Marinated meat/chicken/prawn in special indian spices and herbs cooked in clay

Tandoori chicken 1/2159:-

Tandoori chicken 1/4125:-

Chicken Tikka Sizlar169:-

Garlic Chicken Tikka Sizlar170:-

Lamm Tikka Sizlar179:-

Kungsräkor Tikka Sizlar199:-

Lax Tikka Sizlar179:-

Kungsräkor Tikka Sizlar199:-

Mixed Sizlar210:-

Lamb,chicken,king prawn

Shish kebab sizlar169:-

Cooks Recommendation    PDF Menu to Print

Lamm Tikka Masala (mild)165:-

Lamb barbecued toosed incream cooked in mildly spiced oriental sauce

Chicken Tikka Masala (mild)149:-

Chicken barbecued toosed incream cooked in mildly spiced oriental sauce

Lamm Pasanda (mild)159:-

Lamb cooked with butter, fresh cream, almonds, with exotic sauce

Chicken Butter Masala159:-

Diced chicken barbecued cooked with butter, yoghurt, fresh cream, almonds with exotic sauce

Chicken Jalfrezi (fairly hot)155:-

Diced chicken with fresh green chili, tomato, onion and pimento

Lamb Jalfrezi (fairly hot)155:-

Lamb with fresh green chili, tomato, onion and pimento

Chicken Pathia(hot, sour)155:-

Diced barbecued chicken / cooked in fresh ground spices and herbs with hot and sour sauce

Lamb Pathia(hot, sour)155:-

Diced barbecued lamb / cooked in fresh ground spices and herbs with hot and sour sauce

Sweet Chili Chicken155:-

Karai   PDF Menu to Print

A speciality of karai is chicken,lamb,king prawn or vegetables barbecued in medium spices with tomato, onion, papkrika, garlic with parsley, served from the hot iron karai

Garlic chicken karai (medium)155:-

Chicken Karai(medium)149:-

Lamm Karai (medium)169:-

King Prawn Karai(medium)180:-

Vegetable Karai(medium)140:-

Sweet Chili Chiken Karai(medium)150:-

Balti(fairly hot)   PDF Menu to Print

A speciality of balti is chicken,lamb or prawn , fairly hot spices, tomato, onion, ginger and parsely, served from balti

Chicken balti149:-

Garlic Chicken balti160:-

Mango Chicken balti169:-

Lamb Balti169:-

Kungs Räkor Balti170:-

Kungs Räkor Tikka Mango balti185:-

Chicken Dishes   PDF Menu to Print

A boneless chickenfillet cooked with various spices and curry sauce

Chicken curry(medium)135:-

Chicken madras(failrly hot)135:-

Chicken vandaloo(extra hot)140:-

Chicken korma(mild)145:-

Chicken sambal(medium)145:-

Chicken dan Sak(sweet/sour,hot)145:-

Chicken Spenat155:-

Mango chicken169:-

Lamb Dishes   PDF Menu to Print

Diced lamb cooked with various spices and curry sauce

Lammfärs Kofta(medium)135:-

Lamb curry(medium)140:-

Lamb madras(fairly hot)140:-

Lamb vandaloo(extra hot)145:-

Lamb korma(mild)150:-

Lamb sambal(medium)140:-

Lamb Rogon(medium with tomatsauce)145:-

Lamb Spenat155:-

Beef Dishes   PDF Menu to Print

Diced beef cooked with various spices and curry sauce

Beef curry(medium)140:-

Beef kashmir(fairly)145:-

Beef vindaloo(extra hot)140:-

Beef Dopiaza(medium with onion)145:-

Beef Spenat145:-

Fish Dishes   PDF Menu to Print

Prawn or king prawn cooking with various special spices and curry sauce

Räkor curry(medium)135:-

Räkor Madras(fairly hot)145:-

Räkor Spenat(medium spenat)150:-

Kungsräkor Madras(fairly hot)179:-

Kungsräkor Masala(medium)179:-

Kungsräkor Tikka Masala185:-

Kungsräkor Butter Masala185:-

Kungsräkor Korma(mild)179:-

Kungsräkor Sombal(medium)179:-

Vegetarian Dishes   PDF Menu to Print

Bombay Potato(medium)115:-

Spenat Baji(medium,spinach)135:-

Aloo Gobi135:-

Dal Makhani130:-

Mixed Vegetable Curry135:-

Vegetarisk Korma(mild)140:-

Palak Ponir155:-

Shai Ponir155:-

Ponir Korma155:-

Cardamom special biriyanis    PDF Menu to Print

Lamb,chicken or vegetables with fried pillow rice, dressed with tomato and cucumber

Garlic Chicken Biriyani169:-

Cardamom Chicken Biriyani159:-

Cardamom Lamb Biriyani179:-

Cardamom Vegetable Biriyani150:-

Pilaw Ris50:-


Thali rätter(inkl. samosa & papadam)    PDF Menu to Print

Veg. Thali(3 olika rätter inkl. Nan bröd)149:-

Palak Ponir, Dal Makhoni, Veg Curry

Chicken. Thali(3 olika rätter inkl. Samosa,Papadam & garlic Nan bröd)199:-

Mix Sizlar Chicken Curry & Tikka sås

Indian Bread    PDF Menu to Print


Ost Nan30:-

Peswari Nan(fruits nan)30:-

Garlic Nan30:-



Kim Nan30:-

Desserts    PDF Menu to Print

Kulfi(Indian ice cream)45:-

Frittered Banan Med Glass45:-

Drinks    PDF Menu to Print

Ramlösa, Juice, Cola, Fanta, Sprite25:-

Mango Juice30:-


Indiskt Te35:-

Spicy with Milk

Kaffe,Espresso Kaffe25:-

Cappuccino, Kaffe Latte25:-

Bar Menu - Bottled Beer   PDF Menu to Print

Starköl, 50 cl48:-

Mellanöl, 50cl42:-

Mellanöl, 33 cl35:-

Cider, 50 cl52:-


Kingfisher, 66 cl75:-

Cobra, 66 cl75:-

Cobra, 33 cl25:-

Bar Menu - Wine   PDF Menu to Print

Red Wine 1/1 Karaff180:-

Red Wine 1/2 Karaff95:-

Red Wine 1 glass48:-

Indian Wine, 75 cl199:-

Morgon,75 cl210:-

Gato Negro, 75 cl195:-

Rose, 75 cl190:-

Rose, 35 cl99:-

Bar Menu - Sprit   PDF Menu to Print

Irish Coffee, 3C49:-

Cognac, 3CL39:-

Whiskey, 3CL39:-

Vodka, 3CL39:-

Gin Tonic,3CL49:-

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